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TBE India : Why TBE
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Our high quality aluminium materials, fully automated extrusion presses and handling system provide an ideal environment to develop precision aluminium extrusions. The best products require a great understanding of what the needs truly are. You will experience personalized service, and a quality that is above the rest. We proudly call our end product "Green Aluminium" as we use LNG(Liquid Natural Gas) from Melting & Casting to Aging.

TBE India : Aluminium Extrusion Press Our state-of-the-art 1475 UST Aluminium Extrusion Press
Our 6 inch diameter Container 1475 UST Aluminium Extrusion Press gives us the capability to run small and large extruded aluminium shapes effectively with precision and tight-tolerance capabilities. Our Press:
TBE India : Hot Log Shear Hot Log Shear
Our LNG fired Log Heater gives homogeneous heating and carbon free billets for extrusion which in turn enhances the shine and finishing of our end product.
TBE India : Puller & Handling System Puller & Handling System
With a PLC controlled Puller and synchronised conveyer belt Handling System, which maintains steady pull force on the extrusion, relying on the complexity and weight of the extrusion profile and ram speeds of the aluminium extrusion press with minimum human interferences. The benefits of this system are :
- Reduced lead cycle time from billet to billet
- Improved straightness of product being extruded
- Minimum deflection in wall thickness
- Improved overall yield throughout the manufacturing floor
TBE India : Stretch Forming and Bending Stretch Forming and Bending
Our PLC controlled hydraulic stretcher has a capacity of 50 MT pulling pressure which gives even flatness and reduces waste.
Precision Machining
For our customers, detailed precision CNC machining is needed to customize their components exactly to their product needs. If your extrusion requires precision CNC machining, we also offer in house extensive equipment list and know-how to supply you with the most intricate components with the tightest tolerances in the industry.

We have recognized expertise and enjoy an enviable reputation in the industry. Our professionals will work hand in hand with you to develop your parts (shape, dimensions, tolerance, mechanical properties, metallurgy) and to create a high-precision product that meets all your specifications. Counselling and guiding our customers to optimize their performance and to create their products at the lowest cost are priorities at Tirupati Balaji Extrusion. Our tool room machines consist of :
  • EDM
  • Wire Cut
  • DRO Milling Machine
  • Spectrometer
  • Quality Control Equipments
PLC controlled Finishing Saw
TBE India : PLC controlled Finishing Saw

Our automated finishing saw provides smooth edges to your final product with minimum tolerance in desired lengths.
Location Map
Our plant at Dewas is centrally located in heart of India and is well linked with other parts of India by road, rail and air.
TBE India : Location Map
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